I appreciate your interest in joining the GSFN network. I am thrilled to have you join us as our international Global South Capacity Building Community coordinator. You’re not just joining a network but a community of like-minded professionals. During our monthly GSFN GLOBAL SOUTH summits, coordinators will have an exclusive space for taking key roles, presenting, participating and networking, which consists of a three to six-day-long series of capacity-building summits, all aligned with different thematic sessions to streamline community projects and capacity building to the Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs). We will the coordinators of the Network in the first week of every month to express their interest in the monthly GSFN GLOBAL SOUTH CAPACITY BUILDING summit to make sure YOU don’t miss out on the opportunity to submit a theme/event/session proposal.

GSFN Coordinator role

The GSFN network is a GSFN Coordinator-led network. You will shape and tailor your experience according to your individual, organization, national, or regional needs and priorities. YOU OWN THE NETWORK.

GSFN Coordinator benefits

  • Get the unique GSFN Chair Badge that acknowledges your expertise and accredits you with the appreciation for joining GSFN.
  • Technical exchanges and peer learning activities 
  • Receive updates on the GSFN and partner-organized capacity-building projects, events, knowledge products and other coordinators’ activities.  
  • Connect through the several GSFN social media groups to easily connect to other coordinators and stay updated on the latest news.  
  • The ongoing GSFN Global South Summits give you the opportunity to showcase your projects to the network. You will find the previous Summits here. If you want to send in your own submission, please contact me.

Please browse further details about the Network, its vision, objectives, and the Global South Summit activities. 

If there are specific coordinators you’d like to connect with or if you’re seeking particular expertise, please don’t hesitate to reach out. I will be happy to facilitate introductions and foster collaborations that align with your individual or organization’s goals and interests. 

I am looking forward to your constructive involvement and co-creating a climate-resilient, sustainable and equitable future together.  

Dr Renuka Thakore, Founder, GSFN

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