AgriTC’ Bio

AgriTC’ Bio

Founded in 2013, Agriculture Training and Consulting (AgriTC) is aimed to promoting integrated and sustainable agriculture that brings up resilience and aligns with the Sustainable Development Goals, particularly those targeting no poverty, zero hunger, gender equality, and climate action. Our work emphasizes community empowerment, resource management, and sustainable environmental practices, increasing inclusive economic growth and human capital development. Our recent projects highlight agricultural systems that align harmoniously with nature, focusing not just on organic farming, but on a connecting approach that support the entire agricultural ecosystem to produce healthy, sustainable food and protect biodiversity where agroforestry also plays a critical role. Together, we are paving a future where agriculture flourishes in harmony with the planet Earth and us.

Organic Farming Initiative Project Description

This event rises from the aspirations of the organic farming community in Beriri Jarak Village, Wanasaba District, East Lombok. AgriTC and Lasingan have responded by implementing these aspirations into an initiative for advanced and sustainable organic agriculture under the theme “Paving Way For A Green Future.”

The move towards organic farming is an urgent necessity today. Factors driving this initiative include the climate crisis, which has led to agreements to prevent a global temperature rise of 1.5 degrees, the scarcity of synthetic fertilizers, soil degradation from unbalanced synthetic fertilization, and a growing awareness of the importance of healthy living through the consumption of healthy food.

This event is expected to be a milestone for organic farming activities in the local community and across Lombok Island, enhancing health, income, and the environment for the future.

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