Prosperity Systems

Eric Lane is a Co-Founder of Prosperity Systems, a project developing a low-cost, all-terrain truck/tractor for Africa and other developing regions. Eric leads business and product development for Prosparity Systems and coordinates all vehicle development activities with Partner Korres Engineering in Athens, Greece.

Eric Lane is driven by vehicle innovation that improves lives and economies. Eric conducted strategy and research for the consumer version of the VLC project (Very Light Car). The VLC won the $10m X-prize, was praised by a congressional panel on climate change, and is now in the Henry Ford Museum. Eric is in regular contact with African agribusinesses, constantly refining products and projects per their input.

Partner Dimitris Korres of Korres Engineering is a gifted, compassionate, multi-discipline engineer. Work includes COVID ventilators for Greece, a vehicle for the disabled, hi-profile civil engineering, and technologies that move ancient cities and buildings for the Minister of Culture. Prior to the project, Dimitris developed the enabling technology used in our vehicle and 4 prototype vehicles proving the technology, including the first all-terrain supercar. Dimitris has the team, facilities, affiliates and testing grounds to execute our innovation.

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