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GSFN is a global community network platform that uniquely advocates and delivers low-carbon, climate-resilient projects and sustainable development programmes. For the last three years, GSFN’s unique expert chairs have provided technical expertise to help communities enhance climate education, adaptation, and mitigation capacities by devising events and projects with a more significant impact. GSFN provides multi-disciplinary and cross-sectoral carbon emissions assessments, develops strategies and formulates projects to offer long-lasting solutions to the environment and communities across the Global South. It strives to connect more people with the complex social, technical, financial, political & economic interactions that affect real-world projects. We have strong relationships across the education and agriculture industries. Communities trust us to design their projects – from students to farmers, including small and medium enterprises.

To complement our community work, we provide international training, capacity-building courses, and research and consultancy for public and private sector institutions to further global skills and understanding of international climate crises and how to manage them.

GSFN is a proud global community working for the Climate Change and Sustainable Development Goals.


Established in 2020, the Global Sustainable Futures: Progress through Partnerships Network (GSFN) materialised out of the need to connect the Global South with the Global North and co-address the pressing challenges to sustainable futures through constructive partnerships.

The network looks forward to full-fledged collaborative and interactive activities and co-creating knowledge and practices beyond national borders and academic disciplines, contributing to achieving and realising the SDGs Agenda 2030 and beyond. The network is committed to creating collaboration/partnerships across low-, middle—and high-income countries, reaching out through its coordinators to secure urgent and essential globally sustainable futures.

The network has planned an engaging, interactive, inclusive, and enthusiastic networking and capacity development programme starting from the first day of 2021.

Currently, the network comprises 7000 coordinators from 165 countries. The group is inclusive and accessible for academics, scholars, like-minded system thinkers, innovation practitioners, change-makers, and creative voices from all disciplines who want to enable sustainable transitions for future generations in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The network aims to forge connections outside academia by institutionalising university partnerships with governments and communities to address pressing challenges and transform societies.

  • Forge Global South and Global North connections.
  • Foster partnerships with governments and communities to achieve societal impact.
  • Bring early career researchers’ interests along with senior/experienced researchers.
  • Develop an innovative research platform.
  • Deepen connections between research and practices.
  • Fostering connections between urban and rural communities
  • Improve interlinkages and synergies between 17 SDGs within academia and in sustainability practice.

Through GSFN, we want to lead in creating an inclusive, collaborative, innovative, interactive, and engaging network of early career researchers and like-minded target stakeholders, including start-ups and entrepreneurs.  We want to provide a leading platform to accelerate impactful solutions by sharing visualisation, research, innovation, and enthusiasm parallel to the network’s success. We aim to build a sharing economy where no one is left behind.


To create a robust research environment and build a multidisciplinary and multi-sectoral team of endogenous professionals capable of pursuing and utilising participatory and integrative approaches in solving public and environmental sustainability problems.

Empowering and capacity building

Work with researchers to empower communities and individuals, increase independence and support those who need it. Give researchers and stakeholders the legacy of sustainable practices.

Fair and inclusive

Improve economic, social, and environmental equality, pursuing development which offers fair distribution and access to good quality life and working conditions.

Networking and engagement

Provide an innovative and global platform to make GSFN an influential and well-connected network, transforming traditional societal systems into more sustainable systems.

Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility

Co-create sustainable and resilient development pathways and secure sustainable futures for everyone. Work with businesses and organisations to translate sustainability principles and social responsibilities into practical actions aligned to shared best practices globally that are simultaneously coherent with local culture and sustainability.

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