The Sustainable Leadership and Positive Peace Research Board is a collaborative project between GSFN, UK and UN-Aligned Finland. The Research Board would focus on developing novel solutions to intricate problems in Sustainable Leadership and Positive Peace through Systems thinking and a Critical thinking approach. The Research Board would also research the convoluted feedback loops in these areas. The Board would try to develop theoretical models to explore the effects of climate change variables on positive peace and sustainable leadership. Sustainable Leadership’s role in reducing inequalities and promoting the eight pillars of positive peace will also be explored. The role of Climate Justice in promoting Positive Peace and Sustainable Development will also be examined with a particular focus on sustainable development goals.

The fellowship will run between February and May 2024. It can be conducted remotely (online) and requires 5 hrs/week. You can integrate this fellowship with your academic research module, project or program.

Fellows are expected to work with the Board to prepare Research Reports, Position Papers, White Papers, Impact Assessment Reports, Indexes, etc. This will involve brainstorming with peers and interaction with field stalwarts. The Fellows are expected to attend the Climate Committee and Research Board meetings held once every month.

Senior Researchers, Postgraduates, Undergraduates and Individuals with some experience/interest anywhere around the globe are eligible to apply.

You will receive benefits such as LinkedIn Testimonials, Letters of Recommendation, Fellowship completion certificate, and Development of systems thinking and critical thinking approach.

The last day for submission has passed. Look out for the announcement.

The research fellowship would be between 3 and 6 months, depending on the individual case.

The board will decide whom to invite as a research fellow depending on the expression of interest (only 100 words) you have submitted and the interview. The intention is to invite a mix of disciplines/interests/levels of expertise.

We welcome participants from any part of the world and any language.

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