Our Work

We provide technical support, capacity building, and reporting to the programmes supporting the green economy. This includes:

Enhancing sustainable and efficient production and consumption patterns that result in increased energy efficiency, resource efficiency and cleaner production.

Enhancing coordination and sustainable resource management in the energy, water, transport, etc., through better coordination among stakeholders (including public, private, local authorities, NGOs, CSOs, and academic actors) to foster green economy initiatives and develop energy-water-transport-waste-agriculture nexus culture in public/private sector planning that results in more conducive and better-coordinated activities for the development of green growth and the green economy, generating feasibility studies, reporting environmental and social impacts, preparing concept notes, contributing to the national strategies of Green Growth Action Plans and SDGs, and increased resilience and security.

Enhancing sustainable public and private transport that result in increased availability of sustainable public/private transport and its infrastructure, such as e-vehicle charging stations.

Enhanced circular economy and improved biodiversity and nature conservation in local development, including developing a circular economy culture in private and municipal sector planning, adopting the best available technologies and achieving green innovation that results in increased forestation and marine biodiversity protection and conservation, expanded National Monitoring Information System for Waste (NMISW) and elaborated hazardous waste management plans, implementing green growth projects by municipalities, NGOs, civil society organisations (CSOs), academia and the private sector.

We also provide technical support to the technical committee of the green economy programme, support facilitation of the policy dialogue processes between the government and non-government stakeholders, reinforce capacities for promotion, awareness and advocating green growth/economy solutions, general support to the main institutional stakeholder and associated partners, including the private sector, operators, banks, academia, NGOs, to support for legislations and regulations, identification of projects, training, joint programmes between ministries, development of communication, visibility & awareness strategies and campaigns, market development; support to revision of national action plans.