As we commemorate World Environment Day 2024, 5 June, we must reflect on our responsibility towards environmental sustainability and explore pathways to a greener, more resilient future. Against the backdrop of the Niger Delta’s significant role in Nigeria’s oil industry, the Beyond Oil Conference was organised by the GSFN Community Global Chair, Research, Advocacy, and Education, Diolu Tobechukwu Prosper, an opportune platform to delve into the complexities of transitioning to a circular economy. Hosted by the Lincgreen Initiative, this hybrid conference aims to bring together stakeholders from diverse backgrounds to discuss the prospects and challenges of this transition, with a focus on social justice and climate advocacy. Join us on We Don’t Have Time, live from Nigeria, well supported and pioneered by the GSFN Education Global Chair Trust, Cultures, Spiritualism, Materialism, PROF ANIEBIET INYANG NTUI

Look Beyond Oil, Source:

Read The Niger Delta: A Story Of Oil And Devastation by Professor Aniebiet Inyang Ntui

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