GSFN joins hands with UNITY QUEST

GSFN is proud to partner with UNITY QUEST along their journey of

The Unity Quest stands as an unwavering force for change—an independent and versatile advocacy platform that advocates for change, peace, and freedom while also championing sustainability and international development.
According to the Founder, Cidy Colinjn, “Our icon, the wooden puppet, serves as a poignant reminder of the strings that bind us, woven by societal norms, cultural dictates, and other influences. It reminds us that the essence of life is to break free from these constraints and unveil our true selves. Despite our differences, we are united by the common thread of humanity, living under the same roof—Planet Earthbound by a shared vision of a better tomorrow. At Unity Quest, we champion the spirit of inclusivity and diversity, recognizing that our divergent perspectives make this world beautifully colourful.”

Cindy Colijn, S.T., M.Eng., D.Eng., a multifaceted professional: engineer, humanitarian, entrepreneur, international development enthusiast, and self-taught advocate for humanitarian causes.

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