The research-based programs will drive communities of practice

The Global Sustainable Futures Network (GSFN) facilitates the provision of information, training, and support to build and strengthen the capacity of the Global South to identify local, regional and national issues, drivers and opportunities. The GSFN provides an open, transparent, worldwide platform to identify partners and technology to make informed technology choices, find appropriate partners, provide collaborative interdepend leadership to support the ecosystem for sustainability and sustainable development goals, maintain and adapt technology, and leave no one behind. As part of this effort, the GSFN strives to identify, disseminate, and assist in developing RESEARCH PROGRAMS, CREATING COMMUNITIES OF PRACTICE for country-driven COMMUNITY PROGRAMS to support the dissemination of ENVIRONMENTALLY, SOCIALLY, economically sound DEVELOPMENT. It does this through individual, collective program-based training, webinars and in-person workshops. Particular focus is on providing tailored capacity-building services to the Global South countries.

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