GSFN is a global community network platform that uniquely advocates and delivers low-carbon, climate-resilient projects and sustainable development programmes. For the last three years, GSFN’s unique expert chairs have provided technical expertise to help communities enhance climate education, adaptation, and mitigation capacities by devising events and projects with a more significant impact. GSFN provides multi-disciplinary and cross-sectoral carbon emissions assessments, develops strategies and formulates projects to offer long-lasting solutions to the environment and communities across the Global South. It strives to connect more people with the complex social, technical, financial, political & economic interactions that affect real-world projects. This has led GSFN to increase its reach to more than 7000 coordinators from 165 countries, unlocking carbon literacy opportunities. We have strong relationships across the education and agriculture industries. Communities trust us to design their projects – from students to farmers, including small and medium enterprises.

To complement our community work, we provide international training, capacity-building courses, and research and consultancy for public and private sector institutions to further global skills and understanding of international climate crises and how to manage them.

GSFN is a proud global community working for the Climate Change and Sustainable Development Goals.

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