Global Sustainable Futures Network CIC is collaborating with UN-aligned to support each other’s activities, including GSFN’s research efforts by indexing GSFN publications on various platforms
through their partner networks and supporting the research process through the UN-aligned Climate Committee and its Fellowship Programme, collaborate with GSFN in Local, State and Federal government-funded Research studies/projects, and develop a comprehensible “Guidebook” to upskill youth in alleviating climate change.

UN-aligned is a registered NGO based in Espoo, Finland. It aims to promote environmental protection, human rights, animal rights and world peace. The organization publishes a magazine called The Gordian, where sagacious individuals contribute ingenious articles and put forward their novel viewpoints. 

The organization has also created a Climate Committee and a Global Climate Change Fellowship program to conduct state-of-the-art research in the field of climate change amelioration.  It has also created Research Boards on Sustainable Energy, Sustainable Transportation,  Sustainable Agriculture, Bioeconomy promotion & Environmental Restoration, Environmental Law and  Sustainable Leadership & Positive Peace. Fellows would also be trained under the adept supervision of the stalwarts in these areas.

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