Science Missions for Sustainability Call

Calling partners to join us for the Expression of Interest for Science Missions for Sustainability

The International Science Council (ICS) is at the forefront of Science Missions for Sustainability. It defines it as the science actively engaging with society to address complex sustainability challenges. These missions are characterized by their clearly defined goal and scope, solution-oriented focus, and time-bound nature. They are significant in scale and ambition and require inter- and transdisciplinary approaches with various scientific disciplines and various societal actors to produce action and policy outcomes.

The Science Missions for Sustainability is at its pilot stage, and a consortium that can translate this idea into reality is crucial. The Global Sustainable Futures Network (GSFN) has a similar approach and works as a consortium. Through its thriving membership, it can draw all the seven expertise and capabilities required by the ICS. This call provides an opportunity to demonstrate the rich GSFN network and experience built over time.

The Science Missions for Sustainability is responding to


Can we integrate science that works with society to generate actionable knowledge in pursuing transformations to sustainability?

GSFN is driven by collaborative transdisciplinary efforts. It executes monthly summits to fast-track the achievements of the SDGs and accelerate societal transformation to sustainability through locally contextualised research-education-enterprise-community actions. GSFN is a novel collaborative consortium of scientists and scientific organizations, non-governmental organizations, communities, and the private sector, working on the cutting edge of identifying solutions for complex sustainability challenges to co-design targeted Science Missions for sustainability. We are looking intensely for institutions in the Global South and those in the Global North to support the proposal.

GSFN Founder Dr Renuka Thakore, joined by enthusiastic sustainability leader Prof Shehu Akintola from Ghana, invites you to join the consortium for this Pilot call. The call is to test the proposed model, thoroughly examining its execution, outcomes, and impact. Successful Pilots will set the stage for adapting and expanding the model. The Pilot project is for 18 months.

Please complete the expression of interest form by 5th May. We will hold our first meeting on 6th May at 12:00 GMT to accommodate the most interested people. We will record the meeting for those who cannot attend.

Please find all documents related to this call here:’s%20Science%20Missions%20for,part%20of%20this%20global%20effort!%E2%80%9D

Please invite your network to participate in this consortium and make a strong proposal.

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